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Thursday, July 22, 2010

a 'planted' idea to blog


On a lazy & cloudy afternoon in the Fall of 2010 I was presumably reaching the 'deep slumber stage', when the last thing one expects is to get a call to accompany to a movie, I got one. For the surprise element, I instantly agreed.

I just wound up things as soon as I can, gate-crashed and was already behind the wheels, of course in the process swearing at everyone and his uncle :)

The journey was not that pleasant either. It was drizzling, raining & pouring in alternate sequences. That aside, on an afternoon that last thing I expected was a traffic jam. As usual I was welcomed with not one, but quite a few.

I managed to criss-cross/circumvent (I couldnt say which) all the above man-made 'pleasures'....
Rest later...Stay tuned!!

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